Query: Verse referencing in the Samaveda.

Masato Fujii fujii at zinbun.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Oct 16 05:39:15 UTC 1996

Concerning the method of referring Saamavedic verses, 
aside from the lengthy numbering method of the Kauthuma Saamaveda given by Th. 
Benfey [e.g. SV 1(puurva-aarcika),1(1st prapaa.thaka),1(1st ardha),1(1st 
da'sati),1(1st suukta)], a simpler method has been generally used by Vedic 
schalors, Caland etc., which was proposed by W. D. Whitney in Indische Studien 
II (1853), pp. 321ff. [ SV 1,1,1,1,1(Benfey) = SV 1,1; SV 1,2,1,1,4(Benfey) = 
SV 1,100; etc.]  Whitney attaches a correspondence table of both numbering 
methods (pp. 347-3620). 

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