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Sun Oct 13 19:29:13 UTC 1996

Dear fellow listers,
Please excuse any cross postings. I am a PhD student at UC Berkeley, South
Asian Studies, concentrating on Skt. I have read on a Skt. online list some
contributions about mixing Skt. and English for conversation, etc. and
would like to comment on this.
I have heard that the Skt. language is not meant for vyavahaara. And it is
for that reason that it is stated in the Rg Veda, the Bhagavata Purana,
etc. that vaac/bhaaSaa (i.e. the Skt. language) is found on four levels --
vaikharii, madhyamaa, paSyandii, and paraa. It seems to me that even the
vaikharii level is intended to communicate with others within the realm of
philosophical discussions, religious performances, ritual man-nature
relations (yajNa), etc. And for that reason as well there have been
conscious efforts throughout the ages to keep that bhaaSaa as unchanged as
possible. Of course there is a difference between Vedic and Classical
Sanskrit -- and that needs to be explained -- which have their parallel
praakRta languages or dialects.
On the other hand, we find that the Hindi language, for example, is being
constantly increased with the addition of needed vyaavahaarika terms --
doordarshan and so on.
I'd be delighted to hear your feedback on this subject, including sources
for further study.
With best wishes,

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