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Sat Oct 12 02:27:12 UTC 1996

Prof. Witzel wrote:

>Details on Canopus = Agastya, a very bright star in the southern skies 
>which indeed is visible only during the summer (monsoon) at Delhi or 
>Ujjain in:
>       Yasuke Ikari, A study of the Nilamata, Kyoto 1994, 
>p. 233-4 (article by Michio Yano, with tables for AD 500-1500). 

As the author of the paper I must correct Witzel's remark. 
Since Canopus (Agastya)'s declination is about 52.5 degrees south,
it can be seen at the place whose geographical latitude is less than
37.5 degrees north.  The less the latitude the longer is the period of
its visibility.  At the latitude of Delhi it can be seen AFTER
mid-August and for quite a long time.  The FIRST appearance of Agastya
was important and puujaa was performed.

Michio YANO
Professor of Sanskrit and History of Science
Kyoto Sangyo University

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