Warburg Institute Research Fellowships 1997-98

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The Warburg Institute  Research Fellowships, 1997-98

The Warburg Institute
The Warburg Institute is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of the
classical tradition - in the sense of those elements in European thought,
art and institutions that have evolved out of the cultures of the ancient
world.  Its Library and Photographic Collection are designed and arranged
to encourage research into the processes by which one culture learns from
another and by which different fields of thought and art act on each
other.  They are particularly concerned with continuities between the
ancient Mediterranean civilizations and the cultural and intellectual
history of post-classical Europe, especially in the period to c. 1800.

Research Fellowships
The following Fellowships in intellectual and cultural history will be
tenable at the Warburg Institute in the 1997-98 session.

Brian Hewson Crawford Fellowship:  A Research Fellowship has been endowed
from the estate of, and in memory of, Dr Brian Hewson Crawford, who
graduated from the University of London in 1926.  A one-month Fellowship
is available for the study of any aspect of the classical tradition.
Under the terms of the deed, the Fellowship is open to European scholars
other than of British nationality.

Henri Frankfort Fellowship:  Mrs Enriqueta Frankfort has endowed a
Research Fellowship in memory of her husband Henri Frankfort, who was
Director of the Institute from 1949 to 1954.  The Fellowship, which is
short-term, may be held in any of the areas in which Professor Frankfort
made his distinguished contributions to scholarship:  the intellectual
and cultural history of the ancient Near and Middle East, with particular
reference to society, art architecture, religion, philosophy and science;
the relations between the cultures of Mesopotamia, Egypt and the Aegean,
and their influence on later civilizations.  The Fellowship is not
intended to support archaeological excavation.

Frances A. Yates Fellowships:  Dame Frances Yates, who died on 29
September 1981, generously bequeathed her residuary estate to found a
research Fellowship or Fellowships in her name at the Institute.
Fellows' interests may lie in any aspect of cultural and intellectual
history but, other things being equal, preference will be given to those
whose work is concerned with those areas of the medieval and Renaissance
encyclopedia of knowledge to which Dame Frances herself made such
distinguished contributions.  One long-term and approximately ten
short-term Fellowships are available.

NORD/LB Warburg-Wolfenbuttel Fellowship:  The Norddeutsche Landesbank has
funded a four-month Research Fellowship tenable for two months at the
Institute and two months at the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuttel for
research into the cultural and intellectual history of early modern
Europe.  [Conditions, value of award and method of application for this
Fellowship follow in a separate message.]

The Fellowships are intended for younger scholars who should have
completed at least two years' research towards the doctorate.  Those
employed as Professor, Lecturer, or equivalent in a university or
learned institution may normally hold an award only if they are taking
unpaid leave for the whole of the period.  The Fellowship may not be held
concurrently with another Fellowship or award.  Applicants must normally
have been under 35 years of age on 1 October 1996.  Other things being
equal, in the case of short-term Fellowships, preference will be given to
those candidates who do not live within daily travelling distance of the
Institute.  Any other conditions for eligibility applicable to individual
Fellowships are stated above.

Duration and Value of Fellowships:
The long-term Fellowship will be for up to three years and is not
normally renewable.  The value will be in the range of 13,500-15,500
pounds p.a. according to age and qualifications.  The stipend will be
paid monthly in arrears and will be liable to deductions of approximately
27% for tax and National Insurance.
The short-term Felloships will be of one to three months' duration.  The
value of awards will be:  applicants domiciled in the United Kingdom,
1,700 pounds for three months (shorter periods not available; National
Insurance contributions required); applicants domiciled abroad, 850
pounds for one month, 1,400 pounds for two months, 2,000 pounds for three
months.  The amount of these stipends is absolute; no additional travel
costs or expenses will be paid.

Fellows must hold at least three-quarters of their award during term-time.
Term dates for 1997-98 will be 6 October - 12 December
1997; 12 January - 20 March 1998; 20 April - 26 June 1998.

Long-term Fellowship:  Interviews of short-listed candidates will be held
in late February or early March.
Short-term Fellowships:  No interviews are held for short-term

Awards will be notified in March 1997. All candidates will be informed
of the outcome of their application.

All Fellows will be expected to participate in the life of the Institute
and to put their knowledge at the disposal of the Institute by presenting
their work in a seminar and by advising the Library and Photographic
Collection.  Fellows may teach elsewhere during tenure of the Fellowship
only with the express permission of the Director.  They will be required
to present a brief written report at the conclusion of their
appointments.  A Fellowship may be terminated if the Appointing Committee
is not satisfied that the conditions of the award are being met.  All
publications containing results of work done with the aid of a Fellowship
shall include adequate acknowledgement of the fact.

Applications should be made by letter to the Director giving the
following information:
1.  A curriculum vitae giving full details of name, date of birth,
address and present occupation, school and university education, degrees,
teaching and research experience, publications
2.  An outline of proposed research
3.  Particulars of grants received, if any, for the same subject
4.  The names and addresses of two or three persons who have agreed to
write, without further invitation, to the Director in support of the
appliction.  These letters of reference should reach the Director by 6
January 1997.  It is the responsibility of candidates to ask their
referees to write to the Director by this date.
5.  Candidates should state in their application whether they wish to be
considered for a long-term and/or short-term Fellowship; candidates from
abroad applying for awards should specify how long they wish to spend at
the Institute (i.e. one, two or three months).
6.  Copies of published work should be submitted, if possible.
Candidates should indicate whether they wish these publications to be
returned, or whether they may be given to the Institute's library.

Closing date: applictions must arrive at the Institute no later than 6
December 1996.

Applications MUST be made by post.  (No e-mail applications will be
accepted.)  The postal address of the Institute is:

The Warburg Institute
University of London
Woburn Square
London WC1H 0AB

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