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Tue Oct 8 15:34:38 UTC 1996

I am aware of two English translations of Bhoja's rAjamArtaNDa
commentary on the yogasUtra:

- by J. R. Ballantyne, published still fragmentary in 1852 and
subsequently completed by Govindadeva Shastri as from 1868.
- by Rajendralal Mitra, published in 1883.

I could not lay hands on the latter; the former is available in reprint
as follows:

_YogasUtras of PataJjali with BhojavRtti called rAjamArtaNDa_, transl.
into English by J. R. Ballantyne and Govinda Sastri Deva, Delhi rep.
1983 (Parimal Sanskrit Series 10).

This version is, however, quite unreliable, as being interspersed with
various mistakes and lacunae, often arbitrarily summarizing or even
altogether skipping without notice the more difficult passages.

If you can read Italian, I might recommend my own version:

_Aforismi dello Yoga (YogasUtra)_. Con il commentario rAjamArtaNDa di
Bhoja (a cura di Paolo Magnone), Torino, Promolibri, 1991

where hopefully I have made a better job of it!

With best wishes,

       Paolo Magnone
       Catholic University of Milan
       p.magnone at

On 4-Ott-96 Chris Austin wrote:

 > Does anyone know of an English translation of Bhoja's _Bhojavrtti_
 > (commentary on Patanjali's _Yogasutra_)? I have not been able to
 > find a translation even among those which include Vyasa's,
 > Vacaspatimisra's and Vijnanabhiksu's.

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