clockwise circumambulation

Das Menon dmenon at
Fri Oct 4 01:41:36 UTC 1996

There is another  less known reason for prescribing clockwise
circumambulation. This has got to with the fact (as per yogic teaching) that
the energy centres in the body (the charkas) are revolving in a clockwise
direction. THe  clockwise  circumambulation helps to keep the charkas in
balance. But since the ancients knew that unless one puts fear of God into
man, he will not follow any instruction no matter how good it is. The
ancient Vedantis had made a fine art of this process.

If one were to carefully analyse this and other "religious" practices, one
can find instances of many activites that has a religious conotation, but
actually has a benefitial effect.

At 02:54 AM 10/3/96 BST, you wrote:
>On Wed, 2 Oct 1996, Mani Varadarajan wrote:
>> Yes, but the shoulder is not the reason one circumambulates 
>> clockwise.  Rather, it is just to keep the holy shrine or deity
>> to the right of one's self at all times, as a sign of respect.
>> As is well known, the poor left hand is kept out of the way due
>> to its use for certain cleansing tasks.

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