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Wed Oct 2 14:38:00 UTC 1996

>Dear Pratap,
>I have been reading very old mails and I found the one I forward to you.
>As I told you, something confusing has happened with my article, and I
>hope the Gods will help me further!
>Best regards and many thanks
Dear Javier,
Yes, I did receive it, but I seem to have misplaced it and could not locate
the English version, I am sure it will surface when I am finished with it.
In the mean time I was running out of time and had to trouble you one more
time.  But any away not worry now.  Everything is under control.  I am
physically typing the article myself because of the technical details.  I
also got the one you sent on email as attachment.  But the fonts are not
compatible so I have decided to retype.  The only proble I have is in the
greek word "dorfat" I dont seem to have a key that can produce the exact
symbol you got there for "f" in the greek word "dorfat".  So, I am going to
use a modified "f" for it.  I hope it would look okay.  So, not to worry,
and cheers,  Pratap

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