Hindi-English dictionary on CD-ROM

Gateway Multimedia India Ltd. gateway2 at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 1 13:19:59 UTC 1996

Although I very well realise that commercial announcements don't belong on
Indology, I dare to take this step for the very reason that the product and
its sale serves Indology more on the long term than many other discussions.

We are talking about the Hindi-English dictionary on CD-ROM.

This CD-ROM has been developed by the very same people that are at present
working in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, on a multilingual database containing the
Indian national languages linked to the major European ones, each language
in its respective scripts.

We are a small non-subsidised company tackling this challenging project for
the very reason that we enjoy it, but also because we very well realise that
it serves a purpose! It serves INDIA !

This CD-ROM can be purchased for $ 175,-- or the equivalant of this amount
in your local currency.

Please contact: Sangeeta S. Parikh
                Gateway Multimedia India   
                at:  gmi/ahmedabad at dartmail.dartnet.com

or              Henk W. Wagenaar
                at: gateway2 at xs4all.nl                

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