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>On Sun, 18 Aug 1996 18:08:51 BST, Hans G. Tuerstig wrote:
>>Does anyone know whether there exists a translation of the 
>>into Russian?
>>Hans-Georg Tuerstig
>What is the use of a Russian translation you think of? I read the 
>translation long ago and find it rather plain. 
>Boris Oguibenine
Gita in Russian, reply to Tuerstig

Oguibenin is probably right, but if you really need to know, there are 
at least following versions of the Gita in Russian:

Baguat-Geta ili besedy Krishny c Arzhunom s primechanijami, perevedennye 
s podlinnika, pisannogo na drevnem braminskom jazyke, nazyvaemom 
sanskritta, na anglijskij a s ego na rossijskij jazyk A. A. Petrovym. 
213 p. M. 1788 (from Wilkins' English version).

Bhagavad-gita (misticheskaja chast' Magabharaty). Per. v stihah i  
primech. A. P. Kaznacheevoj. 108 p. Vladimir 1909.

"Bhagavad-gita (Pesn' gospodnja). Per. s sanskrit I. Manciarli. 
Pererabot. i predisl. Alba", in Vestnik teosofii, St.P. 1909:11 - 

Mahabharata. Vol. 2. Bhagavadgita. Bukv. i lit. perevod, vved. i 
primech. B. L. Smirnova. 361 p. Ashhabad 1956 (from Sanskrit). New ed. 
ibid. 1960.

I am not sure, whether the Gita translated by T. Chhenkeli and published 
in Tbilisi 1963 is in Russian or Georgian.

I must emphasize that all this information is culled out from 
bibliographical notices given in the Bibliografija Indii (Moscow 1976), 
I have not read, and probably never seen any of them (if not Smirnov, 
but then not opened) 

Klaus Karttunen

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