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Q of N. Ganesan:
>>>   I read in many books on Hinduism that Siva is a late-comer to the
Hindu Pantheon. Initially, he was not invited for Yagnas, or
given sacrificial offerings.   .....<<<

The earliest, already Vedic (and unknown) piece of literary evidence on the 
relative lateness and grudging acceptance of Shiva into the Pantheon, I 
believe, is the following:


                    <How S'iva got his names>

The gods did not recognize Rudra who had gone to Heaven and walked 
about, (shining) with the color of the sun. They said: "Who are you?"  

"I am Rudra, I am Indra, I am Aaditya (the sun). I am the 
deflector of all heavenly wrath."

They said: "Let us exclude him (from sacrifice)."

He shouted at them, screaming (ruvan). He advanced towards them. 

They said: "Lord (bhavaan), you are the overlord of all this here."

Because he shouted at them, screaming (ruvan), this is the Rudraness of 
Rudra (i.e. this is the origin of the name Rudra). 

Because they said "Lord" (bhavaan), this is the origin of the name Bhava.

Because they said the whole (overlordhip, sarvam), this is the origin of 
the name S'arva. 

He became friendly (s'iva). This is the origin of the name S'iva. 

He took pity (amrLata) on them. This is the origin of the name MrLa.

The gods said to him: "Yours is the supreme overlordship of the present 
(bhava), the past (bhuuta), and the future (bhavya)." 

He (the Adhvaryu priest) makes him (the sponsor of the ritual, yajamaana) 
go to the overlordhip of all (this here).

(Katha Aranyaka 2.100:  literal -- not literary -- transl.)


If necessary, I can send the Skt. text as well.


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Subject: RE: Encyclopedia of Kashmir Shaivism

>I am trying to locate the "Encyclopaedia of Kashmir Shaivism" written by
>B.N. Pandit. 

The manuscript of this work was completed long ago, but it hasn't been published
yet. Dr. Pandit told me he had given it to a governmental organization in Delhi,
and as such things go, they are taking a very long time to bring it out. I doubt
it will be ready in the near future...

> Do you know of other reference books on Kashmir Shaivism?

There are, of course, a number of works published by SUNY Press, Motilal
Banarsidass and Munshiram Manoharlal, though I presume you must be familiar with
these. Besides, a number of works have been translated into French and Italian.
Searching a catalog on the Internet should give you the full references for
these titles. Hope this helps.


Swami Gitananda
Agama Research Centre

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