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To: Fellow Indologists.
Here is the TofC of the 1995 Annals (vol. LXXVI) of the BORI:

- Tectonic upheavals in the Indus region and some Rgvedic hymns
(Part IV) by P.V. Pathak

- The Maitrayaniya Padapatha, by Bhagyashree Bhagwat

- Some observations on the Mathurjhari plates of Vakataka
Prthivisena Ii, year 17, by Ajay Mitra Shastri

- Main trends in the historiograpgy of the early Maurya empire
since independence, by Shankar Goyal

- Taxation in Kautilya Arthasastra, by Surendra Nath Mital

- Structural and semantic aspects of the Dvandva compound, by V.V.

- Studies on Bhartrhari, 7: Grammar as the door to liberation, by
Johannes Bronkhorst

- Ramavatara recycled, by Vidyut Aklujkar

- Freedom and equality in Vedantic and Buddhist traditions with
special reference to certain asymmetry in the Jivanmukta and
Bodhisattva ideal, by G. C. Nayak

- Decoding Manu's eulogy and censure of women, by Shruti S.

- The Manduka-Sukta from biological point of view, by B.V.

- Influence of listeners on Bana Bhatta _Harsacaritam_, by
Vasantkumar M. Bhatt

Plus several book reviews.

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