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Wed Nov 13 13:41:04 UTC 1996

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Jan Dvorak wrote:

> This is probably the last question regarding the first 10 parts of the
> Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth:
> 1] the dedication
> To Papa and Mama and the memory of Amma
> (this is not for the translation, just to know it) Is Amma grandmother here?
better check with the author, in my observation kinship terms are thrown
around very readily and often apply to close friends etc.

> 2] cunni
> on the p. 29 (1.11):
> At the medical college in Brahmpur, and before that, when she had studied
> Intermediate Science in Agra, Malati had had a lot to put up with: teasing,
> gossip, the pulling of the light chunni around her neck, and remarks
such as
> 'She wants to be a boy.' This was very far from the truth.
> if the chunni is hindi cunnii, what is the meaning here?
> thank you, Jan Dvorak
cunnii = dupaTTaa, the long light scarf or veil worn with shalvaar qamiis
outfits and/or kurtaa cuuRiidaar.  I will not elaborate because I'm sure
you know what these look like.  These outfits, and their very rapid
evolution now taking place, would be great material for a book on fashion
history, with so much cultural meaning too...

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