Date of the Veda

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Fri Nov 8 00:36:00 UTC 1996

A brief summary of the data available to establish a date for the Rgveda in:
The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia, ed. G. Erdosy, p. 97 sq. (c. 
1500/1200 B.C.)
Some more dates for other Vedic texts on p. 98.

Relative chronology for the other Vedic texts on pp. 95-97.

cf. also, C. Caillat (ed.) Dialectes dans les litteratures indo-aryennes. 
Actes du Colloque International ....16-18 Septembre 1986. Paris (College
de France, Institut de Civilisation Indienne) 1989, pp. 97-264

cf. also earlier: K. Mylius, Zur absoluten Datierung der mittelvedischen  
Literatur, Neue Indienkunde, ed. H. Kruger. Berlin  1970,  421-431.

Max Mueller simply guessed, but he guessed well.


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