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>I am doing research involving the antiquity of the Veda.  Can any one
>refer me to sources, over the last century or more, that have contributed 
>to establishing the commonly assigned date of circa 1200 BCE (apart from
>Max Muller's assignment of 200 year periods for the various texts back 
>dated from the beginning of the Buddhist period, which he later
>acknowledged was totally arbitrary)? Is there any material that has
>contested these dates (apart from Winternitz)?  Most especially, is there
>any more recent material discussing the problems of Vedic dating (by which
>I intend the whole corpus including Braahma.nas etc.)?  Any references at
>all would be much appreciated.  Thank you.  Edwin Bryant  Columbia 

See Gonda, Vedic Literature (edit. Otto Harrassowitz)
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