From filth to insults

Sfauthor at Sfauthor at
Sun Nov 3 16:38:10 UTC 1996

This isn't indological, but since everyone was having so much fun with dirty
words, I thought I would pass it along.

HUMOROUS WEB SITE:  Random Elizabethan Curse Generator

"Oh, thou infectious bunched-backed canker-blossom!"
Press the "Curse!" button to be randomly cursed in grand Elizabethan 
style. Revel in insults that may have been spoken by Shakespeare or Ben 
Jonson!  Relive a bit of history!  Annoy your friends!  There are more 
than 388000 curses possible! 

  Thou lumpish evil-eyed minimus! 
  Thou spleeny onion-eyed strumpet! 
  Thou gleeking motley-minded puttock! 
  Thou froward clapper-clawed ratsbane! 
  Thou wenching rump-fed ruffian! 
  Thou wanton shard-borne bugbear! 

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