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Loriliai Biernacki biernack at
Thu May 30 22:08:05 UTC 1996

I don't know if this helps you or not, but, Kutsa figures in the 
JaiminIya brAhmaNa as the son of Indra (made from 
his two thighs.  As such, I suppose he would perhaps qualify as 
divinity.  He later goes on to seduce ZacI, who isn't capable of 
distinguishing between the two of them. (JB 3. 199)

Loriliai Biernacki
Univ. of Pennsyvania

According to George Thompson:
> I have become interested in the dvandva compound =EDndrAkutsA, a hapax
> legomenon at RV 5.31.9, where it is a vocative.  What interests me is that
> Or is Kutsa a divine figure here?  Perhaps the line between human and
> divine is not so clear in Vedic?  More and more I am beginning to think
> so....

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