Luis Arnold Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at uclink.berkeley.edu
Wed May 29 19:22:09 UTC 1996

On Wed, 29 May 1996, Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

> >In rebuttal to Leonard Zwilling's violent ad hominem attack, I would say
> >that MJ is pANDava by varNa and paNDaka by rUpa.  I would also relate the
> >English term panderer, which may be cognate.
> >pace
> >GT
> If we are discussing pandavas here, may I remind you of the Jackson FIVE?
> They must *all* be pandavas. The question is: Is M. J. an avatara of
> Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula or Sahadeva? (For some reason, I don't think he is
> the dharmaraja Yudhisthira, but I may be prejudiced).
> LM

You might be on the right track. If he is a pANDava, then it must be 
Arjuna, for he disguised himself as a paNDa during the 5 brothers' stay 
at king VirATa's court.  So maybe Thompson and Zwilling are both right.
Besides, there is something about Arjuna and the white color...

However, I must inform you that while studying the little known Trivya 
PurANa this morning, I came across the following:
This text refers to him as mAyAkAla jakSaNa (originally kSaNaja, but, 
again, the name was altered in order to deceive).  He is said to have 
been "born in an instant."  He was punished by the gods for playing so 
many tricks, and he is frequently seen roaming the Indian countryside 
yelling: pIDita! pIDita!  tormented! tormented! All animals run scared when 
they hear his loud roars which, in his garbled pronunciation sound like 
beat it! beat it!
Maybe this helps explain why those monkeys ran away.


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