thompson at handel.jlc.net thompson at handel.jlc.net
Tue May 28 20:28:21 UTC 1996

I have become interested in the dvandva compound índrAkutsA, a hapax
legomenon at RV 5.31.9, where it is a vocative.  What interests me is that
it appears to couple a divine and a human figure, perhaps uniquely, at
least in the RV.  Gonda, in Dual Divinities p.85, suggests that there are
other occurrences, but I have not found any.  Has anyone encountered other
such dvandvas, or any literature on them [it?]?

Or is Kutsa a divine figure here?  Perhaps the line between human and
divine is not so clear in Vedic?  More and more I am beginning to think

By the way, who is Michael Jackson?  Is he a pANDava?


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