Michael Jackson and India (fwd)

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Have fun!
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I thought you might find some humor in this.


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*File Description: Michael Jackson Scares Wild Pigs*

Michael Jackson's songs scare away wild pigs in India
Deutsche Presse-Agentur
  New Delhi, April 3, 1995
    "Beat it!" boomed Michael Jackson's voice from the stereo
and the
wild boars took it literally.
    Maurauding wild boars and monkeys are not regaled by
the rock
icon, darling of millions all over the world. Instead, his voice
scares them, as a relieved Indian farmer discovered recently.
    Anant Patwardhan, a farmer in the southern Indian state of
Karnataka used to beat the drum to keep the wild foragers
away from
his crop.  But he really hit the jackpot when he accidentally
the casette containing the number by the Peter Pan of pop.
    Wild boars and monkeys looking for a good meal in the
immediately took to their heels to Patwardhan's surprise, PTI
    Now the farmer is a regular Michael Jackson fan, though
for a
different reason.

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