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Dear Indologists,

The earlier messaged got garbled; apparently I had difficulty uploading my dos 
text. Here is a revised version. Sorry about the duplication.

Sushil Jain

Since some of you have shown interest and appreciation in my
earlier posting, and to those who have asked for further
information on the subject, I post herewith some more references,
not only about images in school textbooks but also in other print
media, that you may wish to consult for writing an article/paper
on 'Images of Stereotypes of India and Indians'. I may have
missed some publications due to my neglect of this subject for
the pastseveral years. If it is the case please do post your
findings to the list.
Images and Stereotypes - Addendum
Bearce, George, British Attitudes towards India, 1784-1858,
Oxford University Press, 1961.
Crane, Robert. 'The development of the American view of India as
seen in certain religious periodicals published in the United
States, 1887-1931' Thesis, American University, Washington, 1943.
Deodhar, Shyama. 'The treatment of India in American Social
Studies textbooks' Thesis, UofMichigan, 1954.
Gokhale, Balkrishna G. (ed) Images of India. Wake Forest
University, 1971.
Greenberger, Allen J. The British Image of India: A study of the
literature of imperialism, 1880-1960. London: OUP, 1969.
Jones, Dorothy. The Portrayal of China and India on the American
Screen, 1896-1955. MIT, 1955.
Lach, Donald. India in the Eyes of Europe: the Sixteenth Century.
Chicago, Univ. of Chicago Press, 1968.
Naik, M. K. et al (eds). The Image of India in Western Creative
Writing. Karnatak University, 1971.
Schramm, Richard. The Image of india in selected American
Literary Periodicals, 1870-1900. Published in 1964.
Stern, Bernard. American Views of India and Indians, 1857-1900.
Thesis, UofPenn, 1956.
Thomas, Wendell. Hinduism Invades America. New York, 1930.
Some Children's book of interest, depicting snake charmers,
tigers, maharajahs etc.

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