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Jon Skarpeid Jon.Skarpeid at hint.no
Mon May 27 17:02:20 UTC 1996

What is Indian Counsil for Philosophical Researc? It wasn't listed in the
information aboat "List of Universities adn other Institutions of Higher
Learning" given by Indian Council for Cultural Relations which gave me the
fellowship. Do Indian Council for Philosophical Research give lessons, or is
it just a place where a guy like me can get a single consultation?
It would be important for me to know, since I still have the possibility to
influence on my position regarding the fellowship.  
If you also have information aboat fax and tlf, please let me know.


At 01:51 27.04.96 BST, you wrote:
>On Fri, 26 Apr 1996, Jon Skarpeid wrote:
>> 1.
>> Which of the philosophical systems of Indian(hindu) philosophy is deepest
>> concerned with the phenomenom of kala, e.g. beginning and ending and
>> non-beginning and non-ending(anadi((samsara)) and ananta(samsara), and I
>> would also add nitya vastu)?
>Try mImAm.sA and Buddhist thought or dialectical critiques of Hindu notions> 
>> 2. 
>> Though i have read A.Balslevs "Time in indian philosophy", I'm still
>> woundering. 
>> Is there any other books/articles You would suggest?
>Balslev has also edited a book on time with J n Mohanty (E J Brill, early 
>1990s) which has some good discussions; Hari Shankar Prasad has an edit 
>ed volume on time in Buddhism, from Indian Books Centre/Satguru 
>Publications, Delhi, 1993 (?).> 
>> 3.
>> I have also received a fellowship to India, and I wonder where's the pest
>> place, including library with english books, to undergo a study of
>> Indian(hindu) philosopy.
>> "pest place" (sic) is everywhere I suppose, as philosophy in India is 
>in such sad disarray. However, there are some good people around and one 
>of two resourceful institutes; call in at the Indian Ciuncil for 
>Philosophical Research (see Dr Ashok Vora), 4th floor, Rajendra Bhavan, Deen 
>Dayal Upadhyay Marg, New Delhi; and go see two of the doyens of Indian 
>philosophy in India, Sijabijan Bhattacharyya in Calcutta (via Dept of 
>Philosophy, Calcutta University), and Daya Krishna in Jaipur (lives at 
>9 Campus Residence, Jaipur University, Jaipur).
>Best wishes

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