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g.v.simson at easteur-orient.uio.no g.v.simson at easteur-orient.uio.no
Tue May 21 14:27:10 UTC 1996

David Magier asked about:
>>      Eivind Kahrs (Univ. of Cambridge, U.K.)...
>>         "Substitution and change. Foundations of traditional Indian
>>          hermeneutics." (Oslo 1996).
>Is the latter to be published as a monograph this year? Please give
>all relevant bibliographic details, so that we can acquire it.

I am sorry, I do not know when and where E. Kahrs will publish his
dissertation. Why not ask him himself? Here is his address:
        Dr. Eivind G.  Kahrs
        University of Cambridge
        Faculty of Oriental Studies
        Sidgwick Avenue
        Cambridge CB3 9DA
His e-mail address is supposed to be:
         egk1000 at cam.ac.uk
but I have not yet used it and do not know if it works.

Best wishes,
                Georg v.Simson

Professor Georg von Simson
University of Oslo
Department of East European and Oriental Studies
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