Maharashtra History between 800-1300 AD

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My work on the Gurav temple priests up till now leads me to believe
that they came originally from Karnataka and that they may have had
their origins in the Kalamukhas who mysteriously disappeared after
the arrival of the Lingayats on the scene in Karnataka.
In this regard I am seeking information on the following( either as 
journal articles, books or manuscripts) and would be very grateful for
any help.
1) The birth of Marathi language: Did it actually come from Kannada 
or does it have a different and distinct philological origin? 
2) What are the best references to the history of Karnataka and 
Maharashtra around this time that deal with this topic?
3) Are there good references that deal with Brahminic and 
non-Brahminic Shaivism of this region between 800 AD and 1300 AD?
4) Finally apart from Lorenzen's work, are there references to the 
demise of the Kalamukhas and the social and religious history of the
Deccan around that time?
Thank you in advance for your help.
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