[Q]jyoti.h'saastra - what is "catarchic"?

Birgit Kellner kellner at ipc.hiroshima-u.ac.jp
Fri May 17 08:59:28 UTC 1996

At 20:01 96/05/16 BST, Gary Tubb wrote:
>"Catarchic" means "connected with (determining the proper time for)
>beginning an action."  "Catarchic Astrology" (referring to what in
>Sanskrit is called "muhuurta") is the title and topic of Chapter 6 in
>David Pingree's _Jyotihsastra: Astral and Mathematical Literature_,
>which is Volume 6, Fascicle 4 in Gonda's _History of Indian Literature_
>(Wiesbaden 1981).

... which is exactly where the question came from. However, Pingree uses the
word very rarely, and in a way which renders it impossible to actually guess
the meaning.  

Be that as it may, I would like to thank all those who answered this question. 

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