[Q]jyoti.h'saastra - what is "catarchic"?

mgansten at sbbs.se mgansten at sbbs.se
Thu May 16 18:50:09 UTC 1996

Takao Hayashi wrote:

>It is a kind of astrology concerning the determination of a time
>appropriate for the beginning (Gr. catarche) of an action.

Aha! The Sanskrit term for this branch of jyotiHs'Astra is muhUrta(s'Astra),
and the more usual English rendering is "electional astrology". For anyone
who may be interested, one standard work in this genre, kAlaprakAs'ikA, was
published (in a reprint of a 1917 edition) in 1991 with devanagari text and
English translation by Asian Educational Services, Delhi.

Martin Gansten
mgansten at sbbs.se

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