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ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK SERIES from World Heritage Press

		World Heritage Studies on Ethical and Political 
			   Dilemmas of Modern India

		Series editors: Ninian Smart and Shivesh Thakur

The purpose of this series is to explore Indian values, both ancient and
modern, in ways that are relevant to contemporary global issues.

It is our conviction that both traditionally and in modern times India has
functioned as a laboratory of human experience, and that in its ethics and
politics, which themselves reflect in varying ways religious ideas and
feelings, it has sufficient uniqueness to serve as a model for the whole
world. We do not think that necessarily there are simple answers to be
drawn from India which can then be applied in the wider global
civilization. But we do think that the dilemmas to be found in the
tradition can be illuminating in the wider context.

Another motive we have in founding this series is to open up ethical and
political debate beyond its usual Western scope. The West still follows
the path of its past colonialist mentality. So many ethical and political
issues are discussed in purely Western terms, and express an unstated
contempt for other civilizations. Ultimately one of the global aims of our
newly-unified human civilization should be the development of a human
culture which reflects the values of the varied civilizations. These
themselves are the ingredients of our world--Indian, Chinese, Japanese,
Korean, Islamic, African, Latin American, Iranian civilizations, as well
as the dynamic cultures of the classical and modern West. Books in this
series will contribute to a developing debate in which non-Western
cultures engage with the West. Despite what is said above about the
neo-colonialist mentality of many Western philosophers and others, we
certainly do not underrate Western values, but wish to turn them more
towards the realities of non-Western civilizations.

Ninian Smart
Department of Religious Studies
University of California
Santa Barbara, California 93106, USA

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Shivesh Thakur
Department of Philosophy and Religion
University of Northern Iowa
Cedar Falls, Iowa 50614-0501, USA

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Telefax: (319) 273-7095


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