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ANNOUNCING A NEW BOOK SERIES from World Heritage Press

			World Heritage Hindu Studies

		     Series editor: Gerald James Larson

The series, _World Heritage Hindu Studies_, seeks to stimulate fresh
scholarship and research in the academic study of Hinduism. Its purpose is
to publish significant scholarly studies on all aspects of Hindu studies.
These include: the Vedas, Upanisads, Epics, Puranas, law-books, and so
forth; classical, medieval and modern philosophical traditions;  monastic
traditions; Bhakti traditions; modern Hindu and neo-Hindu movements; and
Hinduism in relation to other religious traditions both within and outside
of India. We also welcome submissions on methodological issues in the
study of Hinduism. We invite submissions of both the most traditional
scholarship and the most daring current modes of inquiry.

Gerald J. Larson
India Studies
Sycamore Hall 230
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405, USA

Telephone: (812) 855-5798
Telefax: (812) 855-4687
Email: glarson at


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