PTS style Tipitaka CD-ROM ...$150

Wed May 15 17:33:26 UTC 1996

Those on the list with a good memory may recall that I got some flak from 
Mr. K.R.Norman of the Pali Text Society in 1993 about an announcemnt I 
had made on behalf of the Dhammakaya Foundation of Thailand, regarding 
their then impending release of their -- with true Karuna --  FREE  
CD-ROM of the entire Pali Canon based on the Pali Text Society`s 
editions. After that,  process had been stalled until  April 22, 1996.

I am happy to be able to report now that the two parties have resolved 
their differences about any perceived copyright issues and that the CD 
will be issued this summer, however, NOT FREE  but for $150. 

I quote from their announcement:

``Prof. K.R.Norman travelled to Thailand to sign a memorandum of 
understanding with the Foundation on behalf of the PTS on the 22 April 
We expect to release version 1.0 of the database  with supporting driver 
and search program compatible with MS-DOS in early June 1996. ...

Despite the original intention of the Dhammakaya Foundation to distribute 
the Pali Tipitaka free of charge, as announced in our e-mail transmission 
of 14 September 1993, the logistics of the distribution of this database 
have proved sensative, and one of the conditions demanded by the Pali 
Text Society of having the database distributed at all is that a minimal 
charge be made for the disk.
The Dhammakaya Foundation is now accepting orders for version 1.0 of the 
CD-ROM at the price of US$ 150.00. Please complete the order form below 
and send it together with payment to the address below. Checques and 
postal orders should be made payable to the ``DHAMMAKAYA FOUNDATION``.
Order to:
Mr. Nicholas Woods
Dhammakaya Foundation:
International Department
Khlong Luang,
Thailand 12120 ``

--ity vaartam --

If you send an email message regarding this to my account it will be 
passed on to the Dhammakaya Foundation by snail mail. You may, of course, 
do so yourself as well. You may also ask me for the full announcement.

Michael Witzel
Wales Professor of Sanskrit
Harvard University
617 495 3295
witzel at

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PALITEXT CD-ROM (ver.1.0) Order Form

Full Name (underline surname) -----------------------------------------------

Home  Address -------------------------Work Address -------------------------


Telephone ------------------------------ Telephone---------------------------

Order to:  Mr. Nicholas Woods, Dhammakaya Foundation:
International Department, Khlong Luang, Patumthani
Thailand 12120 ``

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