neohinduistic gurus

Wed May 15 18:04:32 UTC 1996

Leslaw Borowski wrote:
>Dear List Members,
>It seems to me there is a tendency among neohinduistic gurus not to mention
>their own family background, jati their parents belong to. I think people in
>the West don't know much about jati connections of great contemporary gurus
>because neither them nor gurus themselves who reject importance of jati are 
>interested in the subject. However, it seems highly probable that Indian people are
>generally more sensitive to the problem of the family background could give
>me information about the social place of parents of gurus who deny the
>importance of jati division of society. So, please, could anybody give me
>any info on at least varnas of parents of gurus? 

There has always been a taboo against enquiring the origins of gurus,neo or
otherwise. "nadI mUla",river source, "r^shhI mUla", the origin of a sage,  and
"guru mUla",the origin of guru, are the three origins never to ask questions
about.- Narahari Achar 

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