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At 02:20 AM 05/15/1996 BST, Edwin Bryant wrote:

> The best, and most easily available presentation challenging
>the Sandrocottus = Chandragupta Maurya equation is K.D. Sethna's 'Ancient
>India in a New Light' Delhi: Aditya Prakashan, 1989 (but these are not,
>actually, recent attempts and I have the biblio. of almost everyone who
>has preceded him in this historical reconsideration, if of any use).
>At the moment this issue is simmering on a backburner as the 'Aryan
>Invasion' debate rages in India.

I found Sethna's arguments convincing including his identification of 
the 5 near-eastern kings - not having a degree in archaeology, history,
or indology I don't know if they stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

I thought he addressed the Aryan issue, Dionysus as Shiva, the dating of
the Buddha, Panini - generally the whole of ancient indian history (he
retained the relative order and time differences of accepted events/figures
but pushed the anchor back a few hundred years, with the exception of the
Aryans/Indus Valley). It's been a couple years since I looked at the book,
so perhaps I'm mistaken.

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