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Wed May 15 02:36:37 UTC 1996

No - Chandragupta Maurya -> Bindusara -> Ashoka -> forgettable guy
who was replaced in a palace coup by his minister/senapati.

Several hundred years later, Chandragupta (of the Gupta dynasty)
-> Samudragupta -> [Ramagupta - murdered by] Chandragupta II 
(Vikramaditya - killed in battle by the Satavahana Emperor) -> 
.... -> Skandagupta who was the last ruler to
stand against the Huns. 

We don't know much beyond their names - but at least that much we
know clearly.


At 03:27 AM 05/15/1996 BST, you wrote:
>I was under the impression that Chandragupta Maurya's grandson was the
>Vikramaditya Maurya, also sometimes referred to as Chandragupta
>Vikramaditya. May someone more knowledgable in the list can comment.
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