[Q] bholantikaa, tailapaayin

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Tue May 14 23:19:23 UTC 1996

>In the Kaa"sysapasa.mhitaa, a medical text, there is a list of birds which
>includes the names "bholantikaa" and "tailapaayin".  I have an idea that
>the latter may be a bat or flying fox, rather than a bird, though I am not
>sure.  But I have so far not been able to find either of these bird names
>in the dictionaries.
>Any suggestions?
>Dominik Wujastyk
In his commentary on VAkyapdaIya 2.37 (vAkyeSv arthAntaragateH ...)
PuNyarAja gives tailapAyikA as an example of a term which involves rUDhi in
that the vigrahavAkya utterance (tailam pibati) used to give its analysis
has a sense different from that of the derivate.  Earlier, in his NyAsa on
KAzikA 6.3.2 (Varanasi ed. V.196), Jinendrabuddhi had used the same example
for this purpose.  In his AmbAkartrI commentary, RaghunAtha Sharma (vol.
II. p. 84 of the *1st* ed.) remarks that tailapAyikA refers to a particular
*insect* (kITavizeSa), called telcaT in Bhojpuri.  George Cardona

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