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Luis Gonzalez-Reimann wrote:

>The idea that transmigration could have been an ancient Indo European
>esoteric tradition that later surfaced in different corners of the IE
>world, but became more important in India, is interesting.  However, what
>solid evidence do we have that, even in India, it was important at an
>early stage, before the punar-mRtyu of the BRrhadAraNnyaka UpaniSad?

That is the problem. We do have solid evidence for the presence of notions
of reincarnation in Greece from the early sixth century B.C. with
Pheracydes of Syros and then Pythagoras. Given that it is now doubtful that
the Upanishads can be dated so early, the presumption must surely be that,
if there was influence, it was from Greece to India rather than the

Lance Cousins

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