Calculus (was Re: Gymnosophists etc.)

Girish Beeharry gkb at
Thu May 9 17:13:38 UTC 1996


Earlier I mentioned the existence of a general article on Indic mathematics 
which might interest people here. I thought it might be too 'non-Indological'
for posting here but, now that Professor Deshpande has given a reference to a 
maths book, I've lost my scrupules...

The reference is: Current Science (Indian Academy of Sciences), Vol. 66,
No 10, 25 May 1994. 

Title:- 'Modification of the earlier Indian planetary theory by the Kerala
astronomers (c. 1500 AD) and the implied heliocentric picture of planetary

Authors:- Ramasubramanian K., Srinivas M.D., Sriram M.S.

Address:- Department of Theoretical Physics, University of Madras, Guindy
Campus, Madras 600 025, India.
The maths is very simple and anyone with a non-mathematical background can
understand it. The interesting bit for people on this list might be the 
reference list of mathematical texts in Sanskrit. I can post that if interest 
is shown.


Girish Beeharry

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