Appeal font users, please ...

Ralph Bunker ralphbunker at
Tue May 7 23:59:30 UTC 1996

What is your private e-mail address?
Make sure that all autoformatting is turned off. Under Tools/Options menu 
choose the AutoFormat tab and turn off smart quotes etc. Also, I have never 
gotten the character number 160 to appear in MS Word although it does show up 
in Write.
Good luck. Sometimes I think that MS Word has too many features for its own 
I have been working on a program that allows you to type Devanagari characters 
by typing there transliteration. The current version (in progress) support 
1100 Devanagari characters (spread across 5 fonts). In particular there are 
more than 125 short 'i' characters, one for each width of possible 
consonent/conjunct consonents. The goal of this project is to have all vowel 
connect where they should and not be obscured by any other characters. Most 
people don't seem to be interested in beautiful Devanagari though.

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