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        1. There are general references to the heretics ( ;Srama.nas,
Aajiivakas, in some *early* Brahmanical texts (by which I
mean here the Brahmanical texts commonly assigned to the period before the
beginning of the Christian era), but specific references to individual
groups among the heretics, as far as I could so far find out, are not many 
(e.g. Kau.tilya 3.20.16 refers to ;Saakya and Aajiivaka).  
        (I cannot, for example, recall a single reference to Bauddhas or
Jainas or to things distinctively associated with the Bauddhas or Jainas 
in Kaalidaasa's works. A word like caitya does not count as evidence in my
view. )
        There are many ways in which one can interpret this specific
absence. What  I would like to do at first, however, is to collect these
early references, especially the ones that refer to groups or divisions
among the heretics. I would appreciate it if you would draw my attention to
the relevant sources or discussions you might have come across. 
        I am checking Vishvabandhu's VPAK and Kane's History of

        2. As far as I could determine, there is no rejection or
denunciation, specifically, of the Veda in the early Jaina and Buddhist and
canons. On the other hand, terms such as vedagu and vedaantagu are used
with highly positive values. When does the rejection of the Veda and things
Vedic (as distinct from rejection of animal sacrifice and of Brahmin claims
of superiority *based on birth*) begin to appear in the Jaina and Buddhist
literature? I am aware of a verse attributed to Dharma-kiirti (it is
referred to in one of Prof. Jaini's writings which I cannot locate at the
moment.) in which, as I recall, the authority of the Veda is rejected. How
far back in time in the Jaina and Buddhist traditions can we go in this
respect? -- ashok aklujkar
ashok aklujkar
Professor, Dept. of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z2

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