Bharhut stupa

Richard Salomon rsalomon at
Thu May 2 15:48:40 UTC 1996

Surely the place to start is Heinrich Lu:der's Bharhut und die
Buddhistische Literatur (Abhandlungen fu:r die Kunde des Morgenlandes
26.3, 1941 (reprinted by Kraus, 1966); and his (posthumously
published) Bharhut
Inscriptions, vol. 2.2 of the Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum (Ootacamund,

R. Salomon

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Francois Quiviger wrote:

> Dear Indologists,
> 	I am writingh on behalf of a colleague who is not on this list.
> The Photographic collection of the Warburg Institute - an iconographic
> index of Western art, which is at the moment expanding towards the East -
> has recently inherited a collection of excellent photographs of the
> Bharhut stupa. In order to identify the subject of the sculptures we are
> looking for expert advice on a reliable book.  Can anyone suggest a good
> title?
> 	You can either reply to the list or directly to my colleague (Paul
> Taylor (ptaylor at
> 		With many thanks in advance.
> 		Francois Quiviger
> 		Assistant Librarian
> 		The Warburg Institute
> 		University of London

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