German libraries

tantrapl at tantrapl at
Wed Jul 31 09:54:59 UTC 1996

Dear List Members,
I would like to know how to get access to German libraries via internet. I
was trying to find some telnet addresses in Hytelnet services but all of
them failed (maybe that version of hytelnet was simply too old). I cannot
believe there is no possibility of using on-line catalogues of German
libraries when so many small countries make it possible. I am particularily
interested in Freiburg i. Brsg. and, off course, Tuebingen but also other
(By the way, I am looging for F.-W. Haack: Guruismus und Gurubewegungen,
Muenchen 1982, which could be somewhere in Muenchen,
and "Anthropology and Humanism Quarterly", Dec 1983)
Could anybody give some suggestions?
	Thank you in advance
				Leslaw Borowski

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