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Wed Jul 31 04:55:08 UTC 1996

>Dear Indologists,
>Perhaps rather like a hunter finishing off a wounded deer, I am presently
>trying to put a paper that I am writing out of its misery, with finishing
>touches such as completed endnotes and full bibliographic references. My
>question to you is this: how does one reference an Indology List discussion
>[for example]?  I have never referenced such a thing before, nor have I
>ever encountered anyone else's attempt at doing so.  Is there an
>established convention for this sort of thing?

George, I have never seen any convention for this. But I think that if none
already exists, we should try to establish one as soon as possible, because
a number of us may need it. May I suggest the following format:

<quoted person>,[subject],<email X list>,<date>

In other words, if you were to quote this email, it would be referenced
like this:

Lars Martin Fosse, email Indology list, 31.7.96.

Since subject is not always stated clearly, I suggest that we make it optional.

Personal emails should be treated as Personal Communications and would not
need exact dates. I do, however, think that it is useful to make a
difference between public discussions and private PCs.

Best regards,

Lars Martin

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