Q: Norman fonts

tatelman at pangea.ca tatelman at pangea.ca
Tue Jul 23 15:43:22 UTC 1996

>A question - I have used the Norman font for Windows (TTF), available from
>John Smith's ftp-site for quite a while. Although there is a proper italics
>font (mytymes), there does not seem to be a proper font for bold print. On
>the other hand, Norman for Macintosh does beautiful (i.e. discernable) bold
>print, so I presume somebody designed proper bold print for the original
>Norman typeface, but this was never really done for the TTF-version. Am I
>correct, or is there another explanation?
        I've used Normyn and Mytymes PostScript fonts for Macintosh for 5
years now and so far as I know there is no bold other than the alt-B key on
the Mac. For bold I substitute larger font sizes. Perhaps if one contacted
Dr. Sally Culter at the Pali Text Society in Oxford, she could confirm or
deny this.
                                        Joel Tatelman.

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