Wikner's Sanskrit Course

Charles Wikner WIKNER at nacdh4.nac.ac.za
Mon Jul 22 07:14:05 UTC 1996

Ralph Bunker <ralphbunker at msn.com> wrote:

> I have downloaded Wikner's Sanskrit Course. It is a 5 Mbyte file that appears 
> to be the text of instructions that are meant to be processed by a PostScript 
> interpreter. Is the any commercial software for PCs or Macintoshes available 
> that will allow me to print it? If so what is its name?

In response to the many complaints that the original file (8 Mbyte) 
was not viewable on screen, another version (5 Mbyte) was released
which is; however, there are now many complaints that the latest file
is unprintable (sigh).

Until such time as the problem is resolved (I have not yet found a VMS
version of GhostScript 4.0) both files are available at the original
site: the files that definitely do print are
The are ZIP files, each about 1 Mbyte.

My apologies to you and others, for the confusion and inconvenience.

Charles Wikner
wikner at nacdh4.nac.ac.za

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