Wikner's Sanskrit Course

David Magier magier at columbia.edu
Mon Jul 22 01:41:25 UTC 1996

> I have downloaded Wikner's Sanskrit Course. It is a 5 Mbyte file
> that appears 
> to be the text of instructions that are meant to be processed by 
> a PostScript 
> interpreter. Is the any commercial software for PCs or Macintoshes available 
> that will allow me to print it? If so what is its name?

Every Macintosh postscript laser printer comes with a "print
utilities" disk full of stuff (fonts, etc.), including a utility
called LaserWriter Utility. This program (which may well be a
free-ware component of the system software) does all sorts of things
with/for your laser printer. It has menu item for "download postscript
file", which you can use to send any postscript file (such as Wikner's
if you've saved it as plain text) directly to the printer and will
print perfectly. I've printed out my copy of the file in this fashion
and it worked quickly and easily.

David Magier
Columbia University

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