basketball (3-on-3 ?)

Tim Cahill tcahill at
Wed Jul 17 00:36:49 UTC 1996

Madhav's suggestion sounds good to me. And in fact, when I asked my Sri 
Lankan friend Gamini Wickramasinghe about this, he noted that his 
country's national team is known as the TripiTaka-kanduka-kriDaa-sangham. 
Unfortunately, they won't be playing in Atlanta.  :-(

best, Tim

On Tue, 16 Jul 1996, Madhav Deshpande wrote:

> 	The traditional word in Sanskrit for a playing ball is kanduka.  
> It occurs frequently in Sanskrit dramas, e.g. Svapnavaasavadattam.  Now 
> 'basketball' would need a new coinage.  How is PiTakakandukam? I am sure 
> the All India Radio broadcasters from Delhi who report the news in 
> Sanskrit must have coined a term.  Any Delhi-wallahs on Indology?
> 	Madhav Deshpande 

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