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Thu Jul 11 13:07:01 UTC 1996

Dear List Members,

There is a rudimentary Hyperliteral Page at:


I have attempted a first pass at it, but comments are solicited. As the
page develops, I would like to arrive at a definition of *hyperliteral*,
to devise rules of thumb for a proper hyperliteral translation, to offer
essays on hyperliterality, and to showcase a number of hyperliteral
translations for constructive comment. The Hyperliteral Page is an
experiment, is subject to change as we learn and define, is a cooperative
effort. Any sane and civil input is welcome.

Kevin W. Woodruff has gotten us started with his work-in-progress, _An
Exegetical Analysis of Proverbs_.

So, a beginning has been made. I welcome your comments, and especially
your translations of Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Sanskrit, or other ancient language.

This message has been cross-posted, so apologies if you receive it more
than once.

Hyperliterally yours,

Will Wagers        "Reality is the best metaphor."

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