H-ASIA: Q. Abortifacients in Kerala (fwd)

Das Menon dmenon at pacific.net.sg
Mon Dec 30 02:29:09 UTC 1996

I believe that the correct word is "chethy-mandaaram".

chethy (aka thechy) is  ixora, a very common flowering plant in Kerala so is
mandaaram. I of hand do not know the english name for it.

>From: Londa Schiebinger <lls10 at psu.edu>
>I am currently working on the history herbal abortifacients.  One
>that  interests me is the "settimandaram" (17th century: "tsjetti-
>mandaru") known in Malabar.  Can a speaker of Malayalam kindly provide me
>with a literal translation of this term?  It is something "peacock."
>Thank you.

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