H-ASIA: Q. Abortifacients in Kerala (fwd)

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Colleagues--may I post this query on this list also on behalf of Professor
Schiebinger?  Replies could be to list or to Professor Schiebinger
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Thank you

Frank Conlon

                           December 28, 1996

Query on abortifacients in Kerala
From: Londa Schiebinger <lls10 at psu.edu>

I am currently working on the history herbal abortifacients.  One
that  interests me is the "settimandaram" (17th century: "tsjetti-
mandaru") known in Malabar.  Can a speaker of Malayalam kindly provide me
with a literal translation of this term?  It is something "peacock."
Thank you.

        Also, if there are any books or articles on anti-fertility
(or fertility) agents used in any part of India in the 17th or 18th
centuries, I  would be most grateful to know about them.  Thank you.
Londa Schiebinger

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