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Peter J. Claus wrote:
> Date: December 19, 1996
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> Dear Members,
> Can anyone suggest references (in English) on water in
> Indian culture?  I am particularly interested in
> environmental concepts such as finding sources of water
> (water dosing), conceptions of subsurface water
> (Patalaloka; Nagas and water; the idea that all rivers
> and underground water are linked to the Ganges)
> concepts of water and purity, means of purifying water,
> both ritually and in terms of sanitation, and myths
> related to all of the above.
> It is that time of year which the university
> administration (where DO we get these people??) calls
> "vacation" and so closes the university library!
> Peter J. Claus
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A recent work on the rivers of Maharashtra includes some general 
observations on "sacred waters" in Indian tradition.

Feldhaus, Anne.  Water and Womanhood - Religious Meanings of Rivers in 
Maharashtra.  New York: Oxford University Press, 1995.


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