7 Vs 8 Bit characters

Claude_Setzer at fcsmtp.mum.edu Claude_Setzer at fcsmtp.mum.edu
Tue Dec 17 17:59:49 UTC 1996

Dear Toru (and  Kalyanaraman),

Thank you very much for your very informative addition to my post. I realize
that I left a lot out, due to three things: 1) desire to be brief, 2) wording
that was a little inaccurate to remain simple, and 3) my ignorance of some
topics. I agree that the proper terminology to use is 8 bit character/glyph

I am very excited about the recent trend in sharing information about this
problem and think/hope that we can work out a reasonable solution that is free
or low cost and lets everyone share full 8 bit character sets, at least on

Please see my note to Dominik suggesting that the Indology Web site host such
an attempt. With input form yourself and other knowledgeable people, and a bit
of testing, plus maybe a little programming, this should not be an
insurmountable problem.

Thanks again for your input.

Claude Setzer    csetzer at mum.edu


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