New Message (aryan invasion)

Das Menon dmenon at
Mon Dec 16 02:38:07 UTC 1996

Adding to the excellent ideas that Lars Martin Fosse on why the out of
Indian theory is weak, I like to say that if you talk to a hard core
supporter of Tamil Yoga Siddhanda, they will say that the nature
workshipping Aryans did come form outside and that the Dravidians taught
them religion and philosophy! This tradition also believes that 18 siddhas
like Agasthya, Patanjali, Dhanwandhari, Boganathar etc. (I do not have all
the names handy) were from the South, who adopted the Sanskrit language to
preserve their teachings.

There is also the theory that Ramayana is the symbolic storey of the
invasion of the Aryans into India and the subsequent pushing down of the
Dravidian civilization into the Southern parts of India.

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