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Mon Dec 16 16:15:10 UTC 1996

And note, too, the tales of purported Dravidian origin somewhere outside
of the Indian sub-continent (e.g., the "lost continent" of Lemuria). 

Adi Hastings

On Mon, 16 Dec 1996, Das Menon wrote:

> Adding to the excellent ideas that Lars Martin Fosse on why the out of
> Indian theory is weak, I like to say that if you talk to a hard core
> supporter of Tamil Yoga Siddhanda, they will say that the nature
> workshipping Aryans did come form outside and that the Dravidians taught
> them religion and philosophy! This tradition also believes that 18 siddhas
> like Agasthya, Patanjali, Dhanwandhari, Boganathar etc. (I do not have all
> the names handy) were from the South, who adopted the Sanskrit language to
> preserve their teachings.
> There is also the theory that Ramayana is the symbolic storey of the
> invasion of the Aryans into India and the subsequent pushing down of the
> Dravidian civilization into the Southern parts of India.
> Regards...Das

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